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5276Re: [wpmac] Disk error full.(-34) solved

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  • jeraldbricker
    Aug 1, 2008
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      I hadn't realized that you had to empty the trash to remove
      files from the hard drive. When did they come up with that
      feature and where have I been the last 20 some odd years!?

      All kidding aside, what I meant was that I have a specific folder
      OS X folder set in Sheepshaver to be the Unix drive. Dumping
      files into Trash from any location in OS X starts to fill up the
      OS X Trash but that's not a problem since the hard drive is
      clearly large enough to handle those files. What I did have
      some trouble understanding was that those files would also
      begin to fill up the SS/Mac Classic Trash even though they
      had never been used or accessed in SS. This created some
      confusion on my part when I first set up SS and was installing
      Classic programs other than Wordperfect. I couldn't figure out
      why I kept getting a disk full message even though I had only
      installed a few programs in SS/Classic requiring a small amount
      of hard drive space. When I emptied the OS X trash the space in
      Classic magically became available.

      Of course this makes sense to me now but it is a feature of SS
      that others might have trouble with. For my part, I plan on
      managing my OS X Trash a bit differently from now on. I had
      been in the practice of trashing files and leaving them there for
      days or weeks "just in case." That practice will evidently cause
      some conflict with SS since the capacity of the virtual hard
      drive is much smaller than OS X. The next time I get a "disk
      error" in Wordperfect I'll know to suspect that rather than
      immediately assuming there's a corruption in my SS install.



      P.S. I final question I do have is how do I "upgrade" my Sheepshaver
      hard drive to give me greater storage capacity. I have a 350 Gb
      hard drive on my iMac and would like to have as big of a SS hard
      drive (500 Mb or 1 Gb) as possible.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Bob Stern <bob_stern@...> wrote:
      > >jeraldbricker wrote:
      > >
      > >I figured out the source of my problem. Evidently, if the trash on
      > >the Unix (Mac OS X) drive contains a large number of items it
      > >creates an error in Sheepshaver. Mac Classic thinks the (virtual)
      > >hard drive is full.
      > It is full! Putting a file in the trash doesn't remove it from your
      > hard drive until you empty the trash. It's like moving it from one
      > folder to another.
      > --
      > Bob Stern
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