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5186Re: editing and saving to .wpd ~Batch process via drag&drop!!!

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  • Michael
    Jul 2, 2008
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      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Tracy Gromer" <tagromer@...> wrote:
      > I feel your pain, Michael. I'm also an attorney, and Federal coot
      > requires filing in Wpd, which is what I have always used. Then I
      > got a Mac. I tried sending documents to our secretaries in Wpd
      > from my Mac (I telecommute), but I could never see what I was
      > sending in Wpd, because I had to convert it from Wpd 3.1 that
      > would run on my Mac, to a Wpd version for PCs. I never saw
      > how the documents came out on the PCs on the other end,
      > but apparently editing was required. And I could never get the
      >3.1 version to work well on my Mac. (I don't understand half
      > the stuff the techies in this group say either.) My firm
      > bought me a new PC.
      > Such a shame -- I love my Mac, but cannot use it for work,
      > solely because Corel no longer writes for Mac.
      > Good luck,
      > Tracy

      Hey Tracy,

      The great things about the Intel Macs is that they run XP and Vista
      faster than PC's.

      But it's just the uncomfortable move back and forth from a locked
      up and confusing system with confusing and non-helpful prompts
      written by geeks that have limited language abilities...

      Mac is such a breeze, intuitive and then you get this barrier of
      proprietary programs made by MS and Corel.

      I sell Macs and PC, the latter if it is last resort.

      I say get an Intel Mac and choose.

      thanks for your opinion.

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