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5181Re: [wpmac] editing and saving to .wpd ~Batch process via drag&drop!!!

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  • Michael
    Jul 2, 2008
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Edward Mendelson" <emendelson@...> wrote:
      > You're communicating perfectly clearly! The answer that I THINK you
      > need is something like this.
      > 1. Open the WPD file in WPMac.
      > 2. Edit the file.
      > 3. When you're finished editing in WPMac, click File/Save As...
      > 4. In the dialog box that appears, click the arrows next to
      > "Format". Select "WP for PC 6,7,8".
      > 5. In the"Save Document As" field, type the name of the
      > .WPD file that you want to save, as in "MyFile.WPD".
      > Is that the answer you're looking for? If so, then your
      > question was 100-percent lucid and understandable.

      You got it exactly.

      The only question is will WP/MAC run on both a PPC and an Intel Mac...?

      And is there a link to DL this program?


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