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5169Re: editing and saving to .wpd

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  • Michael
    Jul 1, 2008
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Paul Cowan <paul.cowan@...> wrote:
      > On 1 Jul 2008, at 11h35, Michael wrote:
      > > Neither program will save as a .wpd
      > > MacLink has no converts for either program.
      > I've often converted back to .wpd from OpenOffice, but only by reading
      > the files back into WordPerfect.

      Lost you totally. "read back into Word Perfect?

      First: He doesn't have Word Perfect... and you're saying Word Perfect can read OpenOffice .docs?

      Second: He has a Mac

      > (The purpose of the conversion is to be able to process the files in Déjà Vu X, a translation memory
      > application.)

      Sorry, I'm confused with your terms read and feed?

      > They are easily fed back in after saving in .doc format (Word 97/XP/
      > 2000 is the best option to select) **but** always need format
      > adjustments in WordPerfect at the end. Not a lot usually, font codes
      > and such that bloat up the file sizes, but bullets and (especially)
      > tables can be problematic.

      Over my head... though I know formatting is a problem purposefully kept in place to
      capture (tie up) customers. Both Corel and MS are great at doing this to force customer to buy newer versions.

      > If your clients don't care whether they get
      > idiomatic WP files back, or don't mind cleaning them up themselves,
      > you could send them this MS format unadjusted, simply changing the
      > extension to .wpd. YMMV of course.

      Apparently the courts won't accept anything but .wpd

      I know it's sounds incredible...

      > bye,

      Thanks for your input. If you can translate some of the terms you used.. I'd really appreciate it.

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