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5166Re: [wpmac] editing and saving to .wpd

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  • Paul Cowan
    Jul 1, 2008
      On 1 Jul 2008, at 11h35, Michael wrote:

      > Neither program will save as a .wpd
      > MacLink has no converts for either program.

      I've often converted back to .wpd from OpenOffice, but only by reading
      the files back into WordPerfect. (The purpose of the conversion is to
      be able to process the files in Déjà Vu X, a translation memory

      They are easily fed back in after saving in .doc format (Word 97/XP/
      2000 is the best option to select) **but** always need format
      adjustments in WordPerfect at the end. Not a lot usually, font codes
      and such that bloat up the file sizes, but bullets and (especially)
      tables can be problematic. If your clients don't care whether they get
      idiomatic WP files back, or don't mind cleaning them up themselves,
      you could send them this MS format unadjusted, simply changing the
      extension to .wpd. YMMV of course.


      P. (^_^)
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