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5125Sheepshaver question

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  • Joe LeMonnier
    Jun 2, 2008
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      This is not a question about WP , but about Sheepshaver.
      I have set the root volume to be my OSX hard drive so that I can see

      I use a couple of mapmaking applications that use huge data files that
      I store there.

      The problem is that only some of the files ( on the OSX drive) are
      accessible . By some, I mean that one of the applications cannot read
      the file type associated with it when the files are on that drive. But
      another application can read its associated data just fine from the
      same place. The two file types differ greatly, but its interesting to
      know that it is the much larger (up to 100 meg) type that reads and
      the smaller (less than 5 megs) that doesn't.

      Both file types are in the same level directory on the OSX drive and
      both work beautifully when I first transfer them to one of the dmg
      OS9 drives and then reopen sheepshaver.

      I would just keep them all on the OS9 drives but their total size is
      around 4 gigs. I could prune the whole data package down somewhat if

      So, 2 questions:

      (1) how can I make the unreadable files readable?

      and (2) What's the max size I can make a diskimage drive that will
      work in sheepshaver.

      I've got a macbook pro w. 2 gigs and plan to add another 2 very soon.


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