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  • thomasbriant
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Tip #1

      OS X only allows you to share your Home Directory across a
      network. What do you do if you need to access a file on, say,
      an external Firewire/USB2 drive plugged into your Mac
      that you want to access from another Mac or even a Windows

      This is a hack I came across on howto.wired.com.

      1. Plug in all your drives that you want Sheepshaver
      to recognize
      2. Open your Terminal.
      3. Make sure you're in the Home Directory by entered
      "cd ~" Without The Quotes.
      Then press return.
      4. Enter this sequence without the quotes:
      "ln -s /Volumes Volumes" and press Return.
      5. You will then have a link inside your home
      directory called Volumes that you can use to get to any
      drive that was connected to your Mac.

      In either Sheepshaver GUI or SheepshaverPrefs, the
      two applications for setting up Sheepshaver preferences;
      enter this line where it asks for UNIX root:

      Now start Sheepshaver and you should see all the
      volumes you had plugged in available when you open
      up UNIX.

      But there's a catch. If you formatted the volume as a
      system volume, your /User folder's aren't available to
      you. Why? I don't know.

      All the non-system volumes, though, such as USB flash
      drives and external Firewire/USB hard drives, will appear.
      These, I believe, are the ones you wanted your client to have
      access to.

      Tip #2

      If you just want access to a particular USB flash drive, you
      would set up the UNIX root path as "/Volumes/<drivename>"

      In my case, I call my 4 gig USB stick "No Name" so that
      command would "/Volumes/No

      And remember, you don't want the quotes entered in
      the actual command.

      Tom Briant
      MacValley Users Group

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Michael W. Gifford" <gif@...> wrote:
      > I created a SheepShaver/WordPerfect slice for a client, using the
      > files from this site. It works fine, with a couple of issues that I
      > haven't been able to figure out. It creates a volume called Unix. I've
      > been able to identify that as the Documents folder and can move files
      > in to it from the OX 10 side, but they don't alway show up.
      > Alternatively, I've tried to make other volumes visible, such as
      > external firewire drives or folders at the same level as Documents,
      > such as Desktop. I cannot get past this. Can anyone help me make wp
      > 3.52 files available to the SheepShaver partition? Thanks in advance.
      > --
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