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5100Re: Run WP 9.0 on MacBook?

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  • joseph.strong94
    May 17, 2008
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      I run WP office version 12 on a Macbook using Vmware's Fusion. Fusion
      has a Unity mode that allows PC programs to run from the dock, and in
      windows side by side with MAC programs. You can also cut and paste
      across the two platforms, so it is like there is only one machine. I
      have Windows XP running on the virtual machine. I keep all
      my "changeable files" on the MAC so if Windows get corrupted, or
      attacked by a virus, I can just reload a copy of the virtual machine
      and never miss a beat. Fusion has a snapshot feature for this, and now
      time machine supports backing up virtual machines. I wish Corel would
      get a current MAC version of WP, but this will have to do for now.

      in the Holy Family,
      Joseph Strong
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