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5098end of file error -39, via server

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  • bcqc2003
    May 16, 2008
      An old problem with a new twist.

      We are running 3.5e, suitably current, using Classic in 10.4.11 PPC.
      When using common documents, we work from one on a file server, then
      Save or Save As, as required. One such document is a list of service
      providers and contact information. All Privileges are set for all to
      Read and Write. Just one of our Macs refuses to save any changes made
      from there, retorting "end of file error -39" to a Save or Save As
      command. None of the other Macs have that problem with that document.

      Until now, I thought that error was in the document itself but that
      cannot be the case here. We have Rebuilt Classic, run Preferential
      Treatment, Repaired Disk Permissions and re-started.

      Any ideas?

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