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5068SheepShaver freezes on start up! Help!!

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  • George B. Richardson
    May 1, 2008
      MBP, OS 10.5.2, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB SDRAM. I desperately
      need to do my billing, which only runs on SheepShaver.

      SheepShaver has been installed and has been working fine for over 6
      months. Yesterday, went to open it and it hangs at the point where
      the SheepShaver icon and the word "Window" are in the Apple Menubar.

      Tried restoring back-ups from days before any problems had shown up
      from TimeMachine . Restarted SheepShaver with same result.

      Physically disconnected every external drive [each of which has
      backups of SheepShaver], and restarted. Removed from my HD everything
      about which I know that involves SheepShaver [SheepShaver HD,
      SheepShaver application, SheepShaver preferences, Basiliskll
      keycodes, Mac OS ROM, Print&PDF Folder Items.scpt,
      WordPerfect.mdimporter, and any alias].

      Emptied trash and restarted. Downloaded SS-WP 1.1 distribution folder
      [beautiful job - Thank you John!!] Printed out the Install ReadMe.
      Religiously followed every step.

      After the restart, tried to open SheepShaver application. Got the
      expanding icon and then the exact same hard freeze at the point when
      the Apple Menubar has the SheepShaver icon and the word "Window" [I
      know I'm being redundant - I figure too much information can be
      edited out].

      Anyway, I'm at a total loss. Please help as soon as possible!

      Thank you, everyone!!

      George Richardson
      George B. Richardson PC; 650.324.4801
      Mediation and Collaborative Professional
      Certified as a Specialist in Family Law by the
      California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization
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