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5030Re: [wpmac] .WPD from 1997 (WP 5.1?) file on MAC

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  • Daly Jessup
    Mar 29, 2008
      >Installed SheepShaver (OS X & Intel) and WordPerfect seems to
      >be working fine, except using File-Open I cannot see/find a
      >.WPD file that I dragged onto desktop and various other spots.
      >The file was created/saved in 1997. I would really like to be
      >able to open that file on my Mac. Any suggestions to that
      >end would be MUCH appreciated. While I assume Conversions
      >2-1.1.2.sit might be part of a solution, I cannot figure out what
      >to do once I have it downloaded, i.e. when I click on it I get a
      >message that simply says "Safari can't open the file "Conversion
      >Guide.pdf.sit" because no available application can open it."
      >TIA for any help.

      Safari should not be trying to open a StuffIt document. I suggest
      that you download the file to your Desktop [done]. Then
      right/Control-click the .sit file, and choose "Open With" from the
      menu, and in Open With, choose "StuffIt Expander". That should
      decompress the file.

      It will then be a PDF, and double clicking it in the Finder should
      result in its opening in Adobe Reader.

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