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  • Daniel Midgley
    Mar 17, 2008
      No one's mentioned my favourite use of Reveal Codes yet.

      Did you know (not you, John, of course you did) that you can copy and
      paste whole watermarks from document to document using Reveal Codes?

      Just find the 'Watermark' code, select it using the arrows while
      holding down shift, and then copy and paste to another document. Even
      if it has a hundred shapes in it.

      At least, I think it still works.

      (ex-WP Mac Tech Support guy)
      Daniel Midgley
      University of Western Australia, Linguistics
      dmidgley at cyllene dot uwa dot edu dot au

      On 17/03/2008, at 9:23 AM, David Patterson wrote:

      > I found Reveal Codes to be invaluable. I create a newsletter, often
      > using content from web pages and email documents.
      > Often, when this content is simply pasted or imported into PageMaker
      > there are goofy line breaks. By first pasting the text into Word
      > Perfect and using Reveal Codes, I can find/replace all the offending
      > soft returns with one operation. When, I copy the text from there into
      > PageMaker it appears, well, Perfect.
      > I only wish the printer accepted WP files.
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