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4906Re: [wpmac] Increasing SheepShaver volume size (was: One question about,,,)

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  • Bob Stern
    Mar 3, 2008
      >John Rethorst wrote:
      >I'd use SheepShaverGUI to create a volume of whatever size you'd
      >like. Disk Utility will work too, but it's easier to make the volume
      >bootable with SS GUI. Add this volume to SS's volume list. You then
      >have to click Start to effect changes in SS GUI.
      >Then quit SS, open the old and new volumes in OSX and drag what you
      >need from one to the other.

      I found that merely mounting the old and new volumes in OS X and
      dragging data from the old volume to the new volume somehow created a
      problem in the old volume. Although OS X Disk Utility said both
      problems needed no repairs, OS 7 Disk First Aid said both volumes had
      a B-Tree error that it could not repair.

      I then trashed both volumes, reinstalled the volume from John's SS
      installer 1.1, created a new volume in SheepShaver GUI, launched SS,
      and copied the contents of the original volume to the new volume
      within SS OS. It was 3 times slower than copying within OS X, but it
      created no errors in Disk First Aid. After removing the old volume
      SS GUI, I successfully booted into the new volume.

      On a related topic, I confirmed that OS 7.5 cannot handle "sparse
      image" disk images. If you try to add one within SS GUI, when you
      launch SS the OS 7.5 Finder will say the disk is unreadable and will
      offer to erase and initialize it. Does anyone remember what was the
      first version of MacOS that could recognize "sparse image" disk

      Caution: I found that selecting a new Startup Disk in the OS 7.5
      Startup Disk control panel crashes SheepShaver. It may be prudent to
      remove it from the Control Panels folder.

      Bob Stern
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