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4705Re: Upgrading from OS 8.5 to 9.04 on Intel

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  • hnd101
    Feb 6, 2008
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Nick Spencer <N.Spencer@...> wrote:
      > Hugh,
      > Thanks for the help.
      > Buying the Indigo Intel was the only way I could find to easily get
      > hold of the right OS to launch the OS 9 on an Intel.

      ... But how on earth did you get an Indigo Intel? The only Indigo
      iMacs I've ever heard of were G3 which is third-generation PPC (Acorn
      and/or IBM rather than Intel, and not in the least compatible with
      Intel). I never heard of a dual-processor PPC/Intel version either.
      Are you certain?
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