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4701SheepShaver-WordPerfect Install 1.1

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    Feb 3, 2008
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      John, thank you for your ongoing work to keep SS, and WP within it,
      running better all the time. I want to take advantage of the
      improvements you have made, though I have now customized SS to run OS
      8.6 on a 1.5G volume. I am perhaps not the only one who has done some
      such tweaking. I have downloaded your SheepShaver-WordPerfect Install
      1.1. I have already been using the new SS builds (the
      SheepShaver_02_01_2008.app and the SheepShaver_05_01_2008_UB.app, more
      or less interchangeably). Could you give us some brief instructions for
      installing just your latest improvements into our already functional
      builds? Thank you! Tom

      (BTW, Adobe Type Manager deluxe 4.6.1, the one which keeps fonts
      organized in sets, and Adobe Type Reunion 2.5, which creates submenus of
      font families rather than listing bold, italic, and other variations as
      separate entries in the font menu, work well in my installation -- it is
      because such bells and whistles, which I had missed in Classic, that I
      recently went to the larger volume size.)

      Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
      Licensed Clinical Psychologist
      1140 Lake Street, Suite 508
      Oak Park, IL 60301-1053
      (708) 848-1611
      fax (708) 848-1436
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