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4690USB in SheepShaver?

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  • jslmg
    Jan 29, 2008
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      Hi again. I got John's SheepShaver install up and running, and
      after two or three tries, figured out how to get 9.0.4 installed.

      My goal here is to get an HP ScanJet 4400c with Precision Scan
      Pro working on my Intel Mac mini. I've got the software installed
      and opening in 9.0.4, but I get the message that the scan
      software "cannot see the device". When I open "HP Scanjet
      Controls" in Control Panels, I see that the USB device option is
      not selectable; there's no choice--SCSI only.

      I've installed USB Adapter Card in my Mac OS 9 install disc. Still
      no go.

      Is this going to be lost cause--getting the HP scanner to work
      --or is there a way to get USB going?

      BTW, this installation is great! I realize that it is designed for
      those who want to use WordPerfect, but John really should
      consider releasing this install to the general public. It's great
      fun to run OS 9 once again, too! So zippy, with a fun interface.
      Of course Mac OS X is beautiful, but I for one get bogged
      down in the Unix-ness of it, and I'd forgotten what a pleasure
      the old mac os was, too.
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