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4600Re: [wpmac] [ANN] Notes Pro

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  • John Rethorst
    Jan 5, 2008
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Geoff Gilbert <Geoff@...> wrote:

      > Many thanks and once again the versatility and flexibility of WP is evident.

      You're most welcome. BTW a major limitation of the original
      Notes macro was that if you placed two notes in the same
      paragraph they landed on top of each other. Notes Pro fixes
      this - the top of each note is horizontally aligned with the line
      of text your cursor is in when you run the macro.

      > and once again the versatility and flexibility of WP is evident.

      With 900 commands and objects, the macro language is more
      powerful than many stand-alone languages. The depth of
      implementation of program functionality from page formatting to
      academic text processing is unequalled, and I think that at
      this point it's the fastest word processor available, including
      under SheepShaver.

      John R.

      > >Creates notes for comments, editing suggestions, sidebars
      > >or annotations in text boxes, with any of eight background
      > >colors. Shows or hides all notes in a document of a
      > >particular color, or all notes in the document. Notes of one
      > >color can be changed to another individually or throughout
      > >the document.
      > >
      > >Based on the Notes macro that ships with WordPerfect,
      > >this macro offers eight colors, visibility selection based
      > >on color, left or right alignment, no caption, and an
      > >editable style sheet for each color of note text along
      > >with one base style sheet that governs all eight.
      > >
      > >Adds a versatile, elegant and easy-to-use formatting
      > >functionality to WP. Free in the Files section as
      > >"Notes Pro.sit".
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