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4564Re: [wpmac] a different problem

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  • Thomas Briant
    Jan 1, 2008
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      Ms. Woodward:

      I would suggest you try www.123macmini.com.

      And don't forget to state:

      What type of computer processor (PowerPC or Intel)
      Amount of memory.
      Size of hard drive

      And what mail program you are moving from on Panther and what mail
      program you are moving to on Tiger.

      Tom Briant
      On Jan 1, 2008, at 6:33 AM, Nancy Hyden Woodward wrote:

      > Last month, I upgraded OS 10.3.9 (Panther) on the macmini to 0S 10.4.6
      > (Tiger).
      > If not on this list, can you point me where I might learn how to
      > recapture the then existing e-mails on Panther before the upgrade?
      > The address book made the move but not the e-mails themselves. I am
      > desperate for information from a couple of them.
      > Could I get them back by returning to Tiger?
      > Thanks.
      > Nancy Hyden Woodward
      > On Jan 1, 2008, at 12:52 AM, John Rethorst wrote:
      >> --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Gregory Sigman <sigman@...>
      >> wrote:
      >>> If you must have Windows anyway, then by all means throw WP 3.5 for
      >>> Mac into the bit bucket and use the proper Windows version, whatever
      >>> that number is these days.
      >>> Why do I say that? Two main reasons. First, you're obviously coming
      >>> from a Windows background. The WP that you already know and love is
      >>> WP for Windows, which is quite a bit different from the old WP for
      >>> Macintosh, believe it or not. Secondly, you will very likely have
      >>> fewer confusing or frustrating issues if you go with WP for Windows
      >>> than if you go the SheepShaver route. SheepShaver is wonderful for
      >>> us
      >>> crusty old Macophiles or for people who have thousands of files in
      >>> the old WP Mac format, but personally, I cannot with a straight face
      >>> recommend it for new users. That would be just silly.
      >> I can recommend it for new users. As you point out, WPWin
      >> is much different from WPMac: the latter, along with WP DOS
      >> 5.1, was designed by a group, now disbanded, that had a
      >> special talent for interface design, making these products
      >> very popular in their time. WPMac with SheepShaver is as
      >> full-featured, intuitive and elegant as it ever was, and
      >> faster than it ever was. It's also free and, once downloaded,
      >> a matter of minutes to set up. Most Windows programs take
      >> more time to install and configure. IMO WPMac with
      >> SheepShaver is still the best word processor ever written.
      >> John R.
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