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4561Re: [wpmac] Help for new MacBook Pro user

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  • John LeMay
    Dec 31 10:03 PM
      On Dec 31, 2007, at 6:49 PM, Gregory Sigman wrote:

      > > Should I just bite the bullet and install it under
      > >Windows (unfortunately, I have to install Windows to run a
      > >couple of work programs that aren't available in Mac
      > >versions.
      > If you must have Windows anyway, then by all means throw WP 3.5 for
      > Mac into the bit bucket and use the proper Windows version, whatever
      > that number is these days.

      I posted here a couple of weeks ago when, after purchasing my first
      Mac - a MacBook Pro - I needed to find a way for my wife to be able to
      use the library of WP docs she has accumulated over the years. While
      her main computer is still an XP based PC, she does tend to work in my
      office occasionally since it's near the printer and at the other end
      of the house from her machine.

      Anyhow, I went the route of installing Parallels Desktop (the 15 day
      demo version) 3.0 and loading XP and WP 12 in a virtual machine. The
      XP virtual machine runs at the full speed of a "real" PC, or at least
      it sure does to me. My MBP has a 2.4 Core 2 Duo processor, so there is
      significant virtualization assisting technology "on the die" and I
      also opted for a model with 2GB of RAM, so I have plenty of
      horsepower. I give the VM 512MB RAM which seems to be plenty. There is
      a "windowed" mode in Parallels where the instance of Windows and all
      Windows apps remain in a single window as well as a "seamless" mode
      where WP appears to be running right on the Mac desktop. Very
      impressive. Printing, networking, and everything else worked
      immediately with no additional configuration following the install, so
      it couldn't have been simpler.

      If you don't mind spending the $80 for Parallels and you already have
      a version of WP you like (too bad WP for Java never really "got there"
      or I'd be using that, possibly the same goes for WP8 for Linux, and
      may not have needed Parallels) and a copy of Windows to install, this
      is certainly a simple way to go. Personally, dual booting was always
      too annoying for me to bother with. I've done it in the past (OS/2 -
      Windows, OS/2 - Linux, Linux - Windows) and never liked it. Running a
      second OS in a windowed VM is far less annoying to me.

      Good luck in whatever you choose.

      Happy New Year to the group!

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