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4436Thinking of getting a Mac

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  • nrsxman
    Nov 23, 2007
      Two Questions:

      No 1
      I have not previously had a MAC. At present I have a HP Notebook using
      Vista et al. My favorite Word Processing Program has always been
      WordPerfect. If I finally get a Mac, will I be able to use WordPerfect?
      My version of Corel is called X3 and the WordPerfect version is
      probably closest to WordPerfect 12. Anyway, allows conversion to pdf
      as well as Word etc. How will it act on a Mac?

      No 2
      Also one more question: I use AOL for my Emails normally, and would
      like to be able to get it to migrate to WordPerfect Mail. I have not
      figured out how to do that. I do not use the AOL software. Just the
      Webmail. Any suggestions?

      With appreciation.
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