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4370Re: [wpmac] Another Inane Newbie Question

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  • Paul Cowan
    Nov 3, 2007
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      On 3 Nov 2007, at 14h10, J.J. McVeigh wrote:

      > You can use NeoOffice <http://www.neooffice.com> to convert documents
      > between Word and WP, or MacLinkPlus
      > <http://www.dataviz.com/products/maclinkplus/>

      Haven't used MacLinkPlus since it was bundled with the System, circa
      System 8.1 I think. Probably works well.

      NeoOffice, on the other hand, does a good job of converting
      WordPerfect documents **TO** .odt, but cannot output WordPerfect
      format **FROM** that. It uses an open-source converter called libwpd,
      which converts one way only.

      When I get WordPerfect files for translation, because I do all my
      translations in Déjà Vu (which doesn't read WP) I read them into Neo-
      and/or OpenOffice, save as .odt and import that. On output, back in
      OOo, I save as Word 97/2000/XP format and open the resulting .doc
      files in WordPerfect (9 or 10). Of course, this does mean keeping a
      copy of WP on my system; however, it uses only open-source
      converters, neither Corel's nor Microsoft's, except at the very end,
      and produces quite small, idiomatic WP files - indeed, the last one I
      did was 35.4 K as received, and the file I sent back was only 9.5 K !
      All other workflows I've tried have produced significant bloat.


      Paul Cowan


      À Traduire - 206-11 Charlevoix Mtl H3J 2V9
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