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4364Re: [wpmac] Another Inane Newbie Question

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Nov 3, 2007
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      david.stanley74 wrote:

      >Yes, I am another Newbie struggling with a conversion problem. I have
      >read the Conversion Guide (which seems to me to be dealing with folks
      >who wish to convert back and forth from WP DOS to WPMac) and I have
      >looked through the Messages files as best I could. My situation is
      >that I use only Microsoft Word on my PowerBook G4 (V. 10.3.9).
      >Although retired, I have recently accepted a contract with a
      >government agency. This outfit uses only WordPerfect and expects me to
      >provide my report in WP. Thus, my question is, "Is there available
      >here any translators that will enable me to convert back and forth
      >from WP to Word?" My Word program is Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac, V.
      >11.3; I do not know the version of WP used by the government.
      >Currently we are communicating via e-mail & pdf files. I sincerely
      >appreciate the effort of whoever takes the trouble to reply to this
      >question that has, no doubt, been posted many times. Dave

      You can use NeoOffice <http://www.neooffice.com> to convert documents
      between Word and WP, or MacLinkPlus
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