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4339Re: [wpmac] Beyond 7.5 (sheepshaver question)

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  • Michael Mulhern
    Oct 31, 2007
      SS will only support up to MOS 9.0.4 (I believe because SS doesn't support VM)
      this link
      will outline what you need to do to get 9.0.4 installed.


      Quoting ted_m_p_lee <tmplee@...>:

      > OK, John's package came with MacOS 7.5. I have a copy of 9.1 on a PowerPC
      > G4 that it will
      > boot into just fine. Is there any way I can use that to get a working copy
      > of 9.1 that will run
      > under SheepShaver? I tried replacing the system folder on the Sheepshaver
      > volume with the
      > one from the PowerPC, but it didn't work. I had to delete a few things (on
      > both the SS
      > volume and in that system folder) to make it fit and i can't guarantee I
      > didn't screw
      > something up in the process. If I try again, is it possible I can make it
      > work -- and are there
      > any special tricks I need to try?
      > Ted Lee
      > Minnetonka, MN
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