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4336Re: [wpmac] SheepShaver questions

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  • Chad Smith
    Oct 31, 2007
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      I just got off the Apple Store chat with Nina, who was a very helpful and
      patient Apple Expert. She said that what is happening is that they already
      had a bunch of iMacs built, with Tiger installed on them. Then, when
      Leopard Day happened, they had to start doing erase-installs of Leopard. If
      you order an iMac today, you might get one with Tiger installed - but you
      will have the Leopard install disks, so you could upgrade them yourself. A
      hassle? Sure, when you are used to getting that "It just works" freshness
      from Apple (I was floored when my MacBook was fully charged out of the
      box!) But, installing Mac OS X isn't difficult or terribly time consuming.
      About an hour from start to finish, and involves you for about 5 minutes.

      But, if you want to wait, that's understandable. Just wanted to let you
      know that you won't be stuck with Tiger, just having to run the install

      Plus, I hear big things will happen on Nov 6, so it might be better to wait

      - Chad Smith

      On 10/31/07, Bill Bossart <whbossart@...> wrote:
      > But not from Apple directly. Apple seems to have available iMacs with
      > Tiger. Others like Small Dog have iMacs with Leopard backordered.
      > Since I get a discount and free shipping, I will probably wait for
      > Apple.
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