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4324Re: [wpmac] Two additional successes with SheepShaver

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  • Mike Robbins
    Oct 30, 2007

      Which version of Framemaker are you using? Which MacOS under

      Mike Robbins
      Los Angeles

      On Oct 30, 2007, at 7:58 PM, ted_m_p_lee wrote:

      > FWIW, I got both Mangia and Framemaker to work just fine under
      > SheepShaver on the
      > powerbook G4, running 10.4.10 -- including printing! I had to use
      > the Laserwriter 8 driver
      > for Mangia for some reason -- nothing happened with the AdobePS
      > driver although I didn't
      > try very hard to figure out why not since the other one worked.
      > Don't tell anyone, but they all (including WP) just feel better
      > under SheepShaver than Classic!
      > Come Christmastime i think a new external hard drive and a family
      > license version of Leopard
      > may be under the tree. Methinks it's time to invest in storage
      > companies -- Time Machine is
      > going to sell a lot of extra storage.
      > Ted Lee
      > Minnetonka, MN
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