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4303Re: SheepShaver questions

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  • philo_doozy
    Oct 30 7:14 AM
      Used the SheepShaver install found here.

      It is flawless on my Intel Mac.

      But not on my G5. There...

      The JIT Compiler option was not present in SheepShaverGUI.

      I get the "quit unexpectedly" message as mentioned.
      Continue, start Mac OS, see the desktop.

      But then if I click on anything (or, after a few seconds, even if I don't)
      I get the spinning beachball. And can do nothing to it but force quit.

      Any ideas?

      Where is the data for SheepShaver kept? So I can remove it and start over?
      [If I remove the obvious things and start over, SheepShaverGUI still has the settings.]
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