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4294Re: [wpmac] SheepShaver questions

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  • Bob Stern
    Oct 29, 2007
      >Randall C. Wilson wrote:
      >Tiger ended support for classic as well, but if you install Tiger
      >onto a PPC machine that already has Classic and a working OS9 folder
      >installed, Classic continues to run fine under Tiger.

      Tiger did not end support for Classic. It just did not ship with
      Classic because Classic would not run on any of the Macs that were in
      production. If you had an older Mac, you had to install Classic from
      the original installation CD for your computer.

      Leopard is different. It really ends support for Classic. You
      cannot install Classic on Leopard.

      Of course, you still can install an OS 9 system folder, but you'll
      have to reboot the machine in OS 9 rather than running OS 9 and OS X

      Hence the need for SheepShaver.

      Bob Stern
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