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4292Re: [wpmac] SheepShaver questions

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    Oct 29, 2007
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      Are we certain that SheepShaver will be needed to run a classic
      application under Leopard? Tiger ended support for classic as well,
      but if you install Tiger onto a PPC machine that already has Classic
      and a working OS9 folder installed, Classic continues to run fine
      under Tiger.

      The one thing I found-after reformatting a Powerbook and installing
      Tiger-is that you cannot install OS9 on a machine if Tiger is already
      installed. (OS 9 must be installed before Tiger.)

      7:10 PM -0700 on 10/27/07, Bob Stern wrote:
      >In preparation for Leopard, I just installed John Rethorst's
      >wonderful SheepShaver package on my PPC Mac in Tiger. (Thanks a
      >million, John!)

      /S/ Randall


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