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4278SheepShaver questions

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  • Bob Stern
    Oct 27, 2007
      In preparation for Leopard, I just installed John Rethorst's
      wonderful SheepShaver package on my PPC Mac in Tiger. (Thanks a
      million, John!)

      SheepShaver seems to work fine, but I would appreciate confirmation
      that two quirks are normal:

      1. Whenever I launch SheepShaver, OS X erroneously thinks it has
      crashed and displays a message saying that SheepShaver unexpectedly
      quit, even though you can see SS proceeding to boot up normally. I
      just click the Close button, and SS continues functioning normally.

      2. I set my OS X Desktop folder as the shared Unix folder. If I
      move a document in or out of that folder in OS X while SS is running,
      the change does not appear in the open Unix window in SS until I
      close and reopen it.

      Bob Stern
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