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4234Re:Copying stuff to Home Folder [from SheepShaver]

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  • George B. Richardson
    Oct 2, 2007
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      Thanks, John. I don't remember how or why the root level HD got to be
      UNIX. However, I'd be happy to change it. How do I do that? I opened
      SheepShaverGUI, but didn't see anything there that would set a new
      "transfer folder".

      I find two folders: "Desktop Folder" and "Desktop" at the root level
      directory of my HD. When in SheepShaver, with UNIX open, I see the
      same two folders. In OS X. one continues to be called "Desktop" and
      one is called "Desktop Folder". The "Desktop Folder" is called
      "Desktop (Mac OS 9)" in the UNIX folder in SheepShaver. In the
      "Desktop (Mac OS 9)" folder are two aliases that I have created: one
      to my home folder and another to a folder inside of my home folder.
      Is this "Desktop Folder" the transfer folder?

      Thank in advance for any further assistance, particularly with
      reference to the preferred transfer folder.

      George Richardson

      >Posted by: "John Rethorst" <mailto:jrethorst@...?Subject=
      ><http://profiles.yahoo.com/jrethorst> jrethorst
      >Mon Oct 1, 2007 6:36 pm (PST)
      >--- In
      >"George B. Richardson" <gbr@...> wrote:
      >> I have been able to save files to UNIX [which is not my home
      >>folder, but the root level of the HD]
      >The SheepShaver developers recommend not designating either the root
      >level of your HD, or your Home folder, as the SS transfer folder
      >(Unix disk).
      >> from within OS 9 applications, and I've been able to pick up files
      >>from my home folder and bring them to the
      > > SheepShaver desktop.
      >If you drag files from the Unix disk onto the SS desktop, you're not
      >actually copying them to the SS volume. You can find them in a
      >folder named Desktop within the transfer folder on your OSX disk. I
      >would drag them from the Unix disk onto the SS volume or a folder
      >thereof. You can thereafter move them to the SS desktop if that's
      > > While I said error message, to be accurate, what's happening is a
      >total SheepShaver crash or, occasionally, SheepShaver desktop loses
      >all its icons and freezes, requiring a force quit.
      >This may be the result of designating either your Home folder or HD
      >root level as the SS transfer folder/Unix disk. I use the Home/
      >Documents folder as the transfer folder, which works fine here on
      >both Intel and PPC, but some users designate a dedicated folder
      >within their Documents folder or elsewhere.

      George B. Richardson PC; 650.324.4801
      Mediation and Collaborative Professional
      Certified as a Specialist in Family Law by the
      California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization

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