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4224Re: Copying stuff to Home Folder [from SheepShaver]

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  • George B. Richardson
    Oct 1, 2007
      Wow, Jamie, lots of stuff. Thanks. I'm not logged in as administrator
      because I've kept that account uncluttered with anything. I only use
      it for repairs and updating system software.

      I have been able to save files to UNIX [which is not my home folder,
      but the root level of the HD] from within OS 9 applications, and I've
      been able to pick up files from my home folder and bring them to the
      SheepShaver desktop. While I said error message, to be accurate,
      what's happening is a total SheepShaver crash or, occasionally,
      SheepShaver desktop loses all its icons and freezes, requiring a
      force quit. What is also weird, is that, occasionally, the folder
      will be partially copied onto UNIX, but then becomes an invisible
      file on UNIX. When this happens, I use a Widget to make all the
      folders visible, find the folder which has now become a single file,
      and open the package contents. That allows me to recover the contents
      of the folder.

      After further experimentation, I have a working theory on part of the
      problem. The program / data that I'm working on is not WordPerfect.
      It is another Classic program called TimeSlips. TimeSlips is a stand
      alone application for billing and accounting for folks who bill their
      time by the hour. I'm thinking that there is something in that
      program that is a problem for SheepShaver, because every time that I
      try to copy the folder [as a folder, not as its constituent parts]
      with the TS data [not application] from SheepShaver to UNIX,
      SheepShaver crashes and gets checked by Disk First Aid as part of its
      restart process.

      I can copy individual files that use other applications. I can copy
      the TS data files one by one [there are about 30 such files, hence,
      this is too tedious as a work around]. It seems to be tied to
      something idiosyncratic about the folders or the contents themselves.
      I think for the time being, I'll stick to my making a copy of
      SheepShaver from the OS X side and work that way. I don't often have
      to put something on the OS 9 side, anyway.

      Thanks for the help.

      George Richardson

      At 8:20 AM +0000 10/1/07, you wrote:
      >Posted by: "jamie_fillmore" <mailto:sf_j@...?Subject=
      ><http://profiles.yahoo.com/jamie_fillmore> jamie_fillmore
      >Sun Sep 30, 2007 12:14 pm (PST)
      >Do I understand correctly that you would like to be able to access a
      >folder in your Home directory (ie, files in a folder in your Home
      >If so, using the "Unix HD" approach you mentioned towards the end of
      >your post seems the closest/simplest way to get what you want...
      >(once it's working properly). So, I'm inclined to look at that
      >problem first because, for example, I access a folder that's in my
      >Home directory from within Sheepsaver and/or WordPerfect. I can
      >access and use the files just fine on either the OS9 side and the OS
      >X side. And that sounds similar to what you'd like to do.
      >What error message are you getting when you try to copy from the SS
      >desktop to the Unix HD?
      >Are you logged in as the Administrator for your Mac OS X? (Sometimes
      >things get goofed up regarding permissions if not).
      >Are you able to save a file from within WP to the Unix HD? (eg, open
      >WP in SS create a file and Save As... navigate to "Unix" and save).
      >If not, do you get any error messages?
      >If you are able to save to that spot... reverse the process... type
      >a test page in TextEdit or some such on the Mac OS X side... save it
      >as a text file... and put it in your "Documents" folder in the Mac
      >OS X side. (I'm assuming you used the default setup when you set up
      >Sheepsaver... in which case, the thing referred to as "Unix" on the
      >OS9/WP side is actually your "Documents" folder on the Mac OS X
      >side.) From within OS9 you should be able to navigate to the newly
      >created test text file and from within WP you should be able to
      >import it.
      >If those things aren't working, we need to figure out why (let me/us
      >know what errors you're getting). At the risk of sounding like one
      >of those annoying phone tech support people, I would suggest
      >starting with a fresh copy/install of the SS-WP.zip package. Since
      >it's a relatively small download/install, hopefully that's not too
      >painful. If it does let you open/save files as described above, you
      >shouldn't need to reinstall anything.
      >Once that's working we can pick up your alias idea. Specifically,
      >make an alias of the folder you wish to access (which I believe is
      >currently in your Home directory) and place that alias in the
      >Documents folder (which, again, should be the directory that appears
      >when you open "Unix" on the OS9 side). Then items you put in the
      >folder in your Home folder will be available to the SS/OS9/WP world
      >(via the alias) and items you save to that folder (through the
      >alias) will be accessible from Mac OS X.
      >As an example, I just made an alias of the "Library" folder (tried
      >to pick one that just about every Home directory would have)... and
      >put a text file in there. From within SS/OS9 if I open Unix HD the
      >alias appears and double-clicking on it reveals the enclosed items
      >(including the text file) and from within WordPerfect, I can open
      >that text file.
      >Depending on where in the above things are getting stymied and for
      >what reasons, we'll have to sort it out... but if that's the gist of
      >what you want to be able to do, it's do-able.
      >If I've totally missed the mark, my apologies. (That'll teach a
      >NKOTB to chime in within a week of joining the group.)
      >--- In
      >"George B. Richardson" <gbr@...> wrote:
      >> Further info: on the SheepShaver desktop, I have both the SheepShaver
      >> HD and the UNIX HD. I cannot copy the data that I want to copy from
      >> the SheepShaver desktop into the UNIX HD w/o getting an error
      >> message. When I try to copy the same type of data from the UNIX HD, I
      >> get an error message that it is in use, which, as far as I know, is
      >> not true.
      >> Any help in figuring out how to copy to and from the SheepShaver HD
      >> would be appreciated.
      >> Sorry to be more a taker than a receiver on this list. I am pretty
      >> much out of my element with SheepShaver and running classic on an
      >> Intel machine.
      >> Thanks for all the help so far.
      > > George Richardson

      George B. Richardson PC; 650.324.4801
      Mediation and Collaborative Professional
      Certified as a Specialist in Family Law by the
      California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization

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