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4217Re: [wpmac] Copying stuff to Home Folder [from SheepShaver]

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  • George B. Richardson
    Sep 29, 2007
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      After my initial optimistic response, I tried to open SheepShaver,
      and it couldn't start up [blinking question mark].

      Here's what I had done:

      1. Before starting up SheepShaver, I opened the SheepShaver folder in
      my Home Folder and double clicked on the SheepShaver HD. It didn't
      open and indicated no application was associated with it.
      2. I added the suffix <.dmg> to the SheepShaver HD and it then
      mounted just fine.
      3. I copied the folder that I was after: data only, no applications
      4. I ejected the SheepShaver disk image
      5. I opened SheepShaver, the application, and it couldn't find the
      OS. Just had the grey screen and blinking question mark at start up.
      I had to Force Quit SheepShaver.
      6. I copied the SheepShaver Folder, with the modified disk image in
      it, to an external HD and copied the unmodified SheepShaver HD from a
      back up into the SheepShaver Folder in my Home Folder.
      7. I deleted the modified disk image from my Home Folder, SheepShaver
      opened just fine.

      8. Later:
      a. I shut down SheepShaver and remounted the external HD
      b. deleted the <.dmg> suffix from the modified disk image on the external HD
      c. copied the modified disk image back to my SheepShaver folder in my
      Home Folder
      c. copied the unmodified SheepShaver HD to an external drive
      d. deleted the unmodified SheepShaver HD from my SheepShaver folder
      in my Home folder
      e. ejected the external drive, and
      f. Started up SheepShaver from the modified SheepShaver disk image:
      Result: SheepShaver could not find the system

      Therefore: I can't copy stuff to or from the SheepShaver HD in its
      natural state.

      I found a work around to get stuff copied off of the SheepShaver HD
      [but not deleted from or copied to the SheepShaver HD]: On my OS X
      desktop, I duplicate the SheepShaver HD, add the <.dmg> suffix and
      open up the disk image. While this is okay, I still feel that there
      must be a better solution or I'm doing something wrong.

      Further info: on the SheepShaver desktop, I have both the SheepShaver
      HD and the UNIX HD. I cannot copy the data that I want to copy from
      the SheepShaver desktop into the UNIX HD w/o getting an error
      message. When I try to copy the same type of data from the UNIX HD, I
      get an error message that it is in use, which, as far as I know, is
      not true.

      Any help in figuring out how to copy to and from the SheepShaver HD
      would be appreciated.

      Sorry to be more a taker than a receiver on this list. I am pretty
      much out of my element with SheepShaver and running classic on an
      Intel machine.

      Thanks for all the help so far.
      George Richardson
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