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4082Re: SheepShaver for WP

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    Aug 22 11:25 AM
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      Lawrence, Kilometre only works in OSX. I use it as needed on the Unix
      (transfer) folder, or on the SheepShaver volume when this is mounted in
      OSX rather than in SS (its name has to end in .dmg for it to be
      mountable in OSX, though SS does not require such a file extension).
      Also, as John R. has cautioned, never open the SS volume in both SS and
      OSX at the same time.

      There are several OS 8-9 utilities for making invisible files visible.
      I long used the freeware Invisible File Copier
      (http://www.tucows.com/preview/207055). There was also a freeware
      contextual menu plugin called Change Visibility from Alsoft (the makers
      of Disk Warrior), though I cannot find it on their website today. (I
      just emailed them about this.)

      Hope some of this helps. Tom

      Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
      Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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      > 1a. Re: SheepShaver for WP
      > Posted by: "lawrencegoodman" no_reply@yahoogroups.com lawrencegoodman
      > Date: Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:37 am ((PDT))
      > Sorry for the naive question, but how do you install
      > Kilometre to run in OS 9.
      > I am finding that if I move files from OS X onto the
      > Sheepshaver Volume that they don't show up in OS 9.
      > Thanks.
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