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4062Re: [wpmac] Best word processing application under Mac OS 9

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  • Frederic W. Erk
    Aug 3 12:45 AM
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      >You are asking on a WordPerfect discussion forum. What do you
      >suppose that the answers will be here?

      I am very sorry about that question on this specific forum. I just
      registered myself to two new discussion forums, the first being
      devoted to using Apple Macintosh in Humanities - to which I thought
      my message was posted -, and the latter being yours. So please accept
      my humblest apologies for this bizarre introduction of myself.

      >WP/Mac's one big
      >failing is that it never had really good WP to Word translators, in a
      >world where the Word file format is the de facto business standard
      >for exchanging editable documents.

      This is an issue, indeed. As I am new to WordPerfect 3.5e and have
      many Word files, would you mind explaining or at least pointing me at
      a guide to converting Word files into WordPerfect.

      >I think that the bottom line is that the word processor that is most
      >"appealing" is the one that most appeals to you. Other factors, such
      >as features, developer support, ease of use (from your perspective),
      >and cost, will also probably figure into your decision as to which
      >word processor is best for you.

      I am particularly interested in the foreign languages Thesauri and
      dictionaries. After some fiddling with WordPerfect I have the feeling
      that the Word support is superior (which is to be expected from a
      more recent and world standard application.) For instance, using
      WordPerfect in French and checking the spelling resulted in many
      false errors, as if WordPerfect could not understand grammatical
      situations or plurals.

      Another issue is the compatibility of WordPerfect 3.5 with the
      Windows X3 application suite.

      >After all that...have I just fed a troll?

      I don't think so, first because I have more important things to do
      than playing that kind of games, and second, because WordPerfect
      would not be the ideal platform for sounding the troll alarm. I hope
      that answered your question.

      Frederic W. Erk
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