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4058Re: [wpmac] WP Office X3 importing WPMac

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Aug 4, 2007

      Saving as WP 6,7,8 worked and even preserved the cross-referenced
      footnotes. Strangely, though, it lost the indent for indented
      paragraphs. However, given the number of cross-referenced footnote
      numbers I usually have to manually insert, I'll take this over saving
      as Word 6 any day (no cross-referenced footnotes and no indents).



      >Geoff, when I save as WP 3.x AND add the file extension .wpm, WPWin 11
      >opens the files, though formatting is not always conserved very well.
      >I have had better luck with saving as WPWin 6,7,8, and adding the .wpd
      >extension, of course. WPWin 11 seems to do better with the formatting then.
      >I cannot imagine that X3 would have abandoned even that level of support
      >for WPMac files, but maybe. X3 should continue to open whatever you
      >save as WPWin, though. Let us know if any of these ways work for you. Tom
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      >> WP Office X3 importing WPMac
      >> Posted by: "Geoff Gilbert" Geoff@...
      >> Date: Thu Aug 2, 2007 4:08 pm ((PDT))
      >> Dear All
      >> I have WP3.5e and I also have WP Office X3 under Parallels. I have
      >> installed all the converters for X3 and the Conversion utility
      >> includes WPMac 3.1-3.x. I have even saved as Wp3.x in WPMac to see if
      >> that would work. Whatever I do, X3 tells me that the file is of an
      >> unknown format. Ideas?
      >> Geoff
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