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3913Intel Mac

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Jun 2, 2007
      Well, the macbook pro is up and running and the only real loss in OS
      X is some screensavers I've run for years no longer work under the
      new architecture. Parallels is happily running alongside/under OS X
      and WPWin is set up under that. Sheepshaver is working perfectly
      thanks to John's brilliant installation package. The only headache
      has been trying to upgrade the OS on Sheephaver. I inserted my OS 8.5
      disk in the drive and it mounted in Sheepshaver. I ran it, discovered
      it needed more space than was available (160Mb as opposed to the
      147Mb that had been left), deleted all the clipart giving me 260Mb,
      but then the setup told me it could not install OS 8.5 on the (...)
      disk. Any thoughts?

      I should add that OS7.5 is perfectly OK and I'm running WP as ever,
      so this is something that can be sorted out slowly, it's no major

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