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3864Re: [wpmac] Reply to MS Word documents

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    May 14, 2007
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      Most business contexts would not permit me to reply to a Word
      attachment with an emotion laden reply.

      >If you have a job, the Word file
      >format is the de facto (like it or not) file format for word
      >processing documents. It isn't practical, or wise, to delete files
      >that you receive from co-workers or others associated with your
      >business. At least not if you want to remain employed.

      De Facto standards are just that, they are "de facto" because people
      choose overwhelmingly to use them.

      However, I would hardly say that Word is the only de facto standard
      for shipping word processing content. From my perspective pdf files
      are in most cases preferred over word attachments and can rightly
      claim to be just as, or more important than Word as a de-facto

      /S/ Randall


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