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3862Re: [wpmac] Reply to MS Word documents - How about MS Publisher?

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  • tbgibson
    May 14 6:21 AM
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      I agree it is annoying to receive .doc attachments, especially from
      people who really don't know that there are any other formats out
      there (this includes a vast majority of the general population, I think).

      But I can always open or view them, so I don't bother to complain. In
      fact, I tend to open any .doc in TextEdit anyway because it takes Word
      such a long time to launch.

      My real problem is when my childrens' teachers create and post
      assignment in MS Publisher. Is there any way for us to open or view
      them our Intel and PPC Macs?


      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Randy B. Singer <randy@...> wrote:
      > I realize that this is a WordPerfect/Mac list, and like the other
      > members of this list I am very fond of, and even enthusiastic about,
      > WordPerfect/Mac. (Though I switched to Word a few years after Corel
      > abandoned WP/Mac as a matter of expedience.) But I usually find
      > Microsoft Word bashing to be mostly based on fallacious premises, and
      > I feel compelled, as a Word user, to point this out.

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