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3852Increasing SS Volume Image Size?

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  • rifetube
    May 11 6:53 PM
      Hi, I've been using WP/SS for about a month now on my new Intel
      MacBook Pro and I'm very pleased to be able to use WPe again.

      Can anyone tell me if there is a way to be able to increase the size
      of the SS Volume disk image to about say, 1GB, using some sort of
      disk utility? I'm fairly new to OS X and don't know all the intricate
      'tricks'. I've tried using Disk Utility that comes with OS X but there
      does not seem to be a way to do this. Other than wanting to run a
      few other Classic apps, I'd like to upgrade to OS 8.6 from the OS 7.5
      that came with SS. I've done a search on past posts on this and
      similar topics but nothing came up. Any tips, pointers, and
      comments will be most appreciated.

      Bill Cheb