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3829Re: [wpmac] Samsung ML-2510 won't print more than one copy

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  • Gregory Sigman
    May 2, 2007
      >I just purchased the Samsung ML-2510 laser printer and I am using Tiger
      >and all software is up to date. When I get a print screen I have the option
      >of selecting "corel wordperfect", where there is no option for setting the
      >number of copies, nor options for much of anything for that matter, just:
      >Every Other Page
      >Print Backwards
      >Print Overlay Layer
      >(PrintSelection is on the screen but faded out-not used)

      These would be the options specific to WordPerfect; you wouldn't
      expect to see 'number of copies' here.

      >If I using an option called "general" and set my number of copies it gets
      >ignored and prints one copy.

      That's the correct place to indicate number of copies. Make sure you
      change any other options you need to change first, then set your
      number of copies here just before you hit print.

      >I did not have this problem before, I don't think, when I used my old
      >Epson. However, since I got the Samsung for large volume printing
      >and I never asked for double digit quantities before--the comparison
      >may not apply.

      Was your Epson a laser or an inkjet? A vanilla inkjet printer speaks
      a vastly different language than a laser printer (particularly a
      postscript laser printer, do you know if yours speaks postscript?)
      and thus wouldn't necessarily display the same issues as a laser,
      even when used on the same system for the same purpose.

      >I tried to search the forum but did not see any discussion that would
      >help. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate any help.

      This is almost certainly nothing to do with WordPerfect, but is more
      likely a printer driver issue. Try the following:

      1. Print multiple copies of something from an app other than
      WordPerfect. Try both a classic and an OS X native app. Do either of
      those work?
      2. Check Samsung's web site for an updated driver (I know you said
      "all software is up-to-date"; maybe you didn't think to check this,
      but maybe you did already). Did that help?

      Greg Sigman
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