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3809Re: SheepSaver pre-compiled installer - upgrade possible?

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  • John Rethorst
    Apr 17, 2007
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      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "bruckwine" <bruckwine@...> wrote:
      > Hi guys downloaded the .zip John provided and it works great except
      > it's OS 7.5... can the SheepSaver OS be updated to OS 9?
      > E.g. Can I imply use a OS 9 CD installer as you would on a normal
      > Mac?? Is it just the ROM and so could I replace it with a OS 9 ROM?

      As Randy points out, SS supports up to 9.0.4. I have not heard of
      problems with any flavor of 8. YMMV.

      > Also I noticed that dragging and dropping installers don't seem to
      > work , I get the "doc cannot be opened, because application program
      > that created it could not e found" - a few posts on other forum sys a
      > workaround is putting the files on a CD , loading the cD through SS
      > and THEN trying the installer. Can that work?

      As Craig says, SS will recognize a CD. Or list any other image in
      SS GUI that you want SS to recognize. Another approach is quit SS,
      mount its image in OSX, copy installers onto it, unmount it and load
      SS again.

      > Sorry for all the questions but most forums on the web on this prog
      > seem either empty, unpopulated, outdated or not very helpful tbh!

      We're a class act.

      John R.
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