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3781Can I run some version of WordPerfect?

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  • tac1944
    Apr 3, 2007
      I am sorry to be asking such a basic question that must have been
      answered many times before. I did try to look for an answer that I
      could understand in the messages, but I could not find one.

      I have recently bought a MacBook Pro with OS X version 10.4.9. I do
      understand that I cannot install WordPerfect on an Intel based Mac. I
      do have Windows XP on the machine and understand that I can install
      Wordperfect there. Would I would like however is to be able to run
      WordPerfect without having to shut the computer off and restart in

      I am not particularly computer savy, so I do not dare undertake any
      really difficult process to get to the resolution that I want.

      Thank so much for any help that anyone can give.

      This is my first expereince with a Mac I find it to be wonderful, just
      like WordPerfect is. I guess that I just want it all.
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