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3778Re: [wpmac] NEWS - Microsoft buys Apple

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  • Cydne
    Apr 1, 2007
      You are a mean, cruel, twisted (and funny) soul! LOL!!


      On Apr 1, 2007, at 3:53 PM, John Rethorst wrote:

      > NEW YORK (April 1) - In a move that stunned many industry observers
      > but which insiders say was expected, Microsoft Corporation has
      > acquired Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer) for over $120 billion in
      > stock, other equities and cash, representatives of both companies
      > announced today.
      > "This is a very positive step for the entire industry," Microsoft
      > chairman Bill Gates said. "While competition within a standard, such
      > as between Dell and Gateway, is healthy for all concerned, continuing
      > competition between two fundamentally incompatible standards
      > presents needless expense and inefficiency to manufacturers,
      > consumers, and the entire industry."
      > "The merged product line will present a real advantage for both
      > corporate and personal users," Apple chairman Steve Jobs said. "When
      > it started to look like this merger would succeed, it finalized our
      > decision to move to the Intel chip. It will make this entire
      > transition
      > much easier."
      > In related developments, Microsoft announced that Mac OSX would
      > be discontinued in favor of Vista, which received its first security
      > patch last Tuesday, and that Apple's iPod would be discontinued in
      > favor of Microsoft's Zune MP3 player.
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