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3727Problem Solved.......& another appears

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  • rifetube
    Mar 8, 2007
      I discovered that folders which were created in a Mac OS 9
      environment are not recognizeable by SS. As I'd mentioned
      in an earlier post, some items showed up in the "Unix"
      drive on my SS desktop, and others did not. (I should
      mention here that many of the ƒ's in my OS X Documents ƒ
      were transferred directly from my OS 9 computer.) To
      confirm this, I created a new ƒ in the OS X environment,
      labeled it the same as a ƒ containing WP documents which I
      had directly transferred from my OS 9 computer (which SS
      didn't see), then filled the new ƒ with the WP documents
      from the original OS 9 ƒ, and lo and behold the new folder
      showed up in the "Unix" drve on my SS desktop with all the
      WP documents there........phew! what a relief. I thought I
      was going to have to continue using my old OS 9 computer to
      keep using WP.

      With all that out of the way, I now copied a small classic
      app called Easy Envelopes+ into the Unix root folder with
      the hope of using it within SS. When I next launched SS,
      the app (Easy Envelopes+) showed up in the "Unix" drive,
      but unfortunately it appeared as a generic icon and was not
      recognized as an application but rather as an unknown
      document. I tried rebuilding the SS desktop but that
      didn't help. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

      Bill C.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "John Rethorst" <jrethorst@...> wrote:
      > --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "rifetube" <bcheb@> wrote:
      > > Unfortunately I'm again encountering the same problem where
      > > all the items within the root folder (which is now my WP
      > > Files folder) do not show up on the "Unix" drive in the SS
      > > desktop. And my WP Files folder is only 13MB in size. I
      > > have 27 individual WP files and 5 folders within my WP
      > > Files folder. The 27 individual WP files do show up on the
      > > "Unix" drive (on the SS desktop), but the 5 folders do not,
      > > and this is where I'm stuck.
      > I can't duplicate this. My Documents folder is 427 mb, and its
      > contents - files and folders, and their subfolders - all show up
      > in the SS Unix volume.
      > Try this: create a new folder in your Documents folder, and
      > assign that as the Transfer folder in SS GUI. On the OSX side,
      > put some stuff in it and see if it shows up (after closing and
      > opening the Unix window) in SS. Add other stuff, and see at
      > what point it stops showing up.
      > > One
      > > rather curious point is that logically speaking, since the
      > > size of my new Unix root folder is 13MB in size, I would
      > > have expected the "Unix" drive in the SS desktop to reflect
      > > that. But when I did a Get Info on the Unix Drive on the
      > > SS desktop, it showed up as being a little over 1GB in
      > > size.
      > A Get Info on my Unix drive shows it as 1,023.9 mb. I think
      > the SS legacy OS just can't interpret the OSX file structure.
      > This doesn't matter.
      > > One thing that did work quite nicely is that when I put an
      > > alias of the WPe application in the Startup Items Folder
      > > that's in the System Folder within the SheepShaver "drive",
      > > WP launched immediatly after the SS desktop appeared and
      > > was available for use right away.
      > That's a good idea.
      > John R.
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