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3707Re: How to access WP files

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  • John Rethorst
    Feb 28, 2007
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "rifetube" <bcheb@...> wrote:

      > I'm new to this group as of a couple of days ago and also
      > new to my MacBook Pro (great machine) AND OS X as of about
      > 3 weeks ago....still on a pretty steep learning curve to it
      > all. At any rate, after having researched and read as much
      > as I could I finally felt confident enough to install
      > SS-WP. Thanks to the excellent instructions, the install
      > and setup went 'Perfect' and needless to say I was quite
      > thrilled at seeing the old familiar WP layout.

      It really is seamless. As smooth as Classic.

      > There are
      > however a couple of things I'm not clear on. Firstly, is
      > it possible to drag and drop a document from the OS X
      > desktop to the SS desktop and vice versa? I tried that and
      > it didn't work. Is this a limitation of SS or am I not
      > doing something right?

      You can't drag from one desktop to the other. This is the
      point of the Transfer folder. My instructions assign this to
      your OSX Documents folder, but there may be reasons to
      reassign that - see below.

      > Secondly, the hard drive icon on
      > the SS desktop seems to actually be the OS X documents
      > folder, but only a fraction of my folders and items there
      > are shown when I open the Unix drive on the SS desktop, and
      > unfortunately the folder containing my WP documents is not
      > shown so I can't access them that way.

      Your Documents folder is too large to use as the Transfer
      folder, unless you increase the amount of memory you give to
      SS. A better solution is to assign another folder, with less
      contents. The folder containing your WP documents sounds
      like the ideal candidate. After you make that assignment (to
      the Unix root in SheepShaverGUI), you'll be able to open the
      "Unix" disk on the SheepShaver desktop and see all your WP

      > I did
      > work around this by opening the SS Volume Image with Disk
      > Utility and then draging the folder containing my WP files
      > onto the image. This did work since I could see and access
      > my WP files when I next launched SS. Doing things this way
      > is however somewhat cumbersome and I'm really hopeing that
      > there's a much easier way.

      Nothing wrong with this, say if you want to transfer several
      hundred MB at once. Be sure to quit SS before mounting its disk
      image in OSX, though, and unmount it before running SS again.

      John R.
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