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3706Sheepshaver printing question.

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  • slangtruth
    Feb 28, 2007
      First, many thanks to John Rethorst, thanks to his setup I was able to
      get Sheepshaver and WP running the first time on my friends Intel Mac,
      and it all works great! I did have a question, though - she has
      another Mac classic program she'd like to use (a mailing program
      called MyMailList), which runs well under the SS emulation, but which
      will not print. If I try the same sequence of operations listed for WP
      printing (which does work), I never get the final dialog asking if I
      want to print to file or printer. If by any chance John or anyone can
      suggest directions for dummies (me!) that might allow it to print I'd
      appreciate it. Her printer is an older HP inkjet model, I can find
      out the exact model if needed, but it's the same one she's always used
      on the old iMac she used to run these programs on. Thanks!