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3618[ANN] Previous Positions 2.1

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  • John Rethorst
    Jan 22, 2007
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      This set of two macros lets you record a position (the page and line where
      your insertion point is), and go back to it at a later point. Unlike bookmarks,
      these positions work among all open documents, and are remembered for
      the current session of WP only.

      I probably use these more than any other macros, to see whether what I
      have on p. 25 and 71 of chapter 3 concurs with what's on p. 32 and 50
      of chapter 5 and a few other places (then again, I repeat myself a lot).
      Use is fast and easy. It remembers your ten most recent positions and
      then starts replacing, oldest one first. Your documents are not modified
      in any way.

      New in this version: a few general fixes. The menu is never too wide, for
      instance, and position retention and location are more accurate.

      Free in the Files section here.

      John R.
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