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3579Word alternative, NisusWriter, goes pro

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    Jan 9, 2007
      FYI, As a WP mac user I occasionally use other word processors to
      handle rtf and word files that I download or receive. Nisus Writer
      has been around forever with a decent interface and some powerful
      features. I have not considered it for creation of legal documents,
      however, because it has lacked the ability to generate table of
      contents and indexes. Today, Nisus announced the impending release
      of a pro version that will apparently address those deficits.

      It will be interesting to see how Nisus Writer Pro
      http://www.nisus.com/pro/ compares with Papyrus which was recently
      recommended as the top Word alternative by MacAddict.

      /S/ Randall


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