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3502WP 3.5 vs. WP 3.5e

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  • rjtc5
    Dec 15, 2006
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      We've been using WP 3.5 (ver. 3.5.3 and 3.5.1 to be specific) on
      iMac's in our office for many years. We have approx. 15 users running
      OS 9.x. The install for each was from a Wordperfect install disc
      purchased back when it was still being sold at retail. Recently I
      installed WP 3.5 Enhanced (WP 3.5e) which I had downloaded from
      www.columbia.edu site some time ago on a machine that is running OS X.
      If I recall correctly, I installed the 3.5 e version because the 3.5
      version from the cd was giving us "disk full" messages.

      Since the install we have noted that the document icons of docs
      created by the user running OS X and WP 3.5e show as a blank icon.
      Also, when I open these documents, MacLink Plus Deluxe translates the
      doc on the fly. Also, her documents, which had previously been saved
      to our file server with a name, now open as an "untitled" documents.

      1. Is there a way to save docs out of WP 3.5e which will not require
      translation and renaming of docs?

      2. Or is the option to upgrade all users to the 3.5e version?

      thanks for your time