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3491Re: [wpmac] conversion to Word

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    Nov 21 9:01 AM
      Also sprach eyeless_jerry:

      >Well, the files does not open in NeoOffice
      >either -- well, they open, but are blank. I
      >that there is text content in the file by
      >opening it in TextEdit -- the first characters
      >suggests it might be a WordPerfect 2 for Mac
      >file ... (I am trying to help someone else with
      >this and apparently he has vers. 2 to 3.5 files).
      >I have a file here that you can test with if you
      >do not believe me (I added the .wpd extension
      >so the file is possible to open with double-click):
      >There is no demo of the MacLink Plus and I am
      >not sure it works on an Intel-Mac (perhaps
      >not really necessary in this case, but ...), so
      >I am not sure that it really will convert the
      >file to
      >something with readable content.

      I downloaded the wpd file in question. MacLink
      Plus immediately recognized it as a WordPerfect 2
      for Mac document, and was able to readily convert
      it to a WP 3.5ep document, to a Word X for Mac
      Document, to a Word 98 document, and to a Word
      Windows XP document.

      I was able to open the converted files using WP
      3.5ep for Mac, and Word X. In all cases, the
      opened files look the same.... the fax cover
      sheet of an architectural design firm in the
      Swedish town of Göteborg.

      J.J. McVeigh
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